Semmelweis University enrolling students of all the three faculties need to get their aptitude test certified in a Health Record Booklet. The Health Record Booklet will be provided on the orientation days. To expedite the process, we encourage everyone to undertake the following medical examinations in advance in their home country and bring the test results in English with you.

  1. Complete blood + urine test not older then 3 month

    • Detailed list for complete blood count and urine:

    • - Blood-sedimentation rate

    • - Complete blood test

    • - glucose

    • - cholesterol

    • - HDL cholesterol

    •  LDL cholesterol

    • triglycerides

    • - T. bilirubin

    • - se. uric acid

    • - creatinine

    • - urea

    • - GOT

    • - GPT

    • - GGT

    • - LDH

    • - sodium

    • - iron

    • - transferrin

    • - Fresh urine and sediment

  2. Hepatitis B antibody titer

  3. Chest X-Ray not older the 1 year


Please download the relevant documents and fill them out:

All documents and farther information can be find her:

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